Milestone 1.2

Completed 7 years ago (08/28/13 11:59:14)

  • now utilizes Django 1.5 : #67
  • IPv6 support : #8
  • (backwards compatible) cmt_client template tags changes:
    • ip_last_digit now supports both IPv4 and IPv6
    • arpanize, base_net, getbasenets: is now IPv4 only
    • new tags added: (arpa) reverse_name, reverse_names: supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Network table changes:
    • removed database field: netmask (since IPv6 does not have have netmasks)
    • removed database field: netaddress
    • new database field: "cidr" as replacement for netmask, netaddress
    • netmask + netaddress is now a (generated) property (still usable for templates)
  • now proper errors are printed if template variable resolving fails
  • dot '.' is now a valid cnames/aliases character, i.e.: r7n1.con : #68
  • underscore '_' is no longer a valid machinesnames character (since it's invalid DNS)
  • field validators help texts are now actually helpful
  • new (server) config option: web DOMAIN to prevent cross site scripting and header spoofing
  • added (virtualenv aware) WSGI loader
  • cmt's django admin templates are now packaged in de pip package
  • NOTE: unfortunately CMT<=1.1.1 (clients) are NOT compatible with CMT 1.2 (server) because of changes in the database model
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