Milestone 2.0

Completed 7 years ago (06/20/17 14:37:55)

Complete rewrite, with:


  • Split packages up in: cmt-client and cmt-server
  • many bug fixes and improvements


  • web admin interface modernized and extended via Grappelli and Smugler
  • server side REST API


  • client now uses Django authentication and REST API
  • client is now also importable as CMT python binding for other Python applications
  • client actions (via API) are now also logged and shown on web admin
  • more generic dynamic client queries


  • "use" template tag no longer exists; replaced by "read" tag
  • new template tag: "read" works exactly the same as CLI
  • new template filters: is_ipv4 and is_ipv6 - to determine if IP is IPv4 or IPv6
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