Milestone 2.6.0

6 years late (07/31/17 00:00:00)

  • Python 3 support, this will be the focus for next release 2.6.0
  • When adding a equipment role is required, but is not mark as required in the API
  • Adding multiple values for roles with model equipment, currently not possible
  • Need to rewrite the way an Interface is saved, checking network is correct, picking ip address
  • Rename model HardwareModel? to EquipmentModel?
  • Add field in Equipment for external reference to other cmdb tools (ie. PatchManager?)
  • Move templatedir from cluster to cmt
  • Create a new filter for the admin page of Equipment, so you can choose in_support: True or False
  • Code cleanup:
    • Make all fields consistent, user name or label not both
    • Remove all unnecessary code lines
  • Try to fix all open issues at
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