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  • Added ticket noftification template to changes
  • Property svn:mime-type set to text/x-trac-wiki
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2006-02-01 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Added Tikcet notification, send email when there is a new ticket. Depends on notification setting in trac.ini. Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Can use different template for ticket notification, eg: alternate_notify_template: "a_tkt.css" Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Added reply_all config parameter. If set put all CC-addresses from orginal mail in ticket CC-field. Suggested by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Text in ticket description is also properly UTF-8 encoded Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Removed reply_address from config file. Is not necessary anymore. See Ticket notification.
  • Added support for known users. If email address is known then use the trac known username instead of the email-address (only for trac version > 0.9) Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Fixed an error in saving attachments for version < 0.9. Sometimes we got bogus attachments. Fixed by: Walter de Jong
  • Added support to make an debian package Implemented by: Bas van der Vlies

2006-01-21 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Fixed run_email2trac.c, did not work
  • Added TRAC_SCRIPT_NAME to to solve run_email2trac problem

Both errors reported by: kilian.cavalotti@…

2006-01-20 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • A warning error is fixed by kilian.cavalotti@…
  • Several errors in make install ;-(, reported by tacker

2006-01-15 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Added configure script.

2006-01-10 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Removed project_root from source and config file
  • Adjust code so we can use mulitple stanza's in config file, eg: [bas] project: /data/trac/bas spam_level: 3
use option "-pproject bas" to select the stanza

2006-01-04 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Fixed getopt for -f option
  • Added suppport for different TRAC versions (0.8 and 0.9)

2006-01-03 Michel Jouvin <jouvin@…>

  • (ReadConfig?) : allow project name relative to project root in configuration file

  • (TicketEmailParser?.parse): save entire email for debugging only if debug >= 2
  • run_email2trac.c: pass wrapper arguments to Python script, filtering out --file
  • (TicketEmailParser?.debug_attachments): set tmp file created for debugging writable by anybody (to avoid problem if the script is run with a different uid during tests)
  • (TicketEmailParser?.parse): set tmp file created for debugging writable by anybody (to avoid problem if the script is run with a different uid during tests)

2005-12-22 Michel Jouvin <jouvin@…>

  • Makefile: add a Makefile to build and install email2trac
  • migrate to Trac 0.9 API

2005-12-21 Michel Jouvin <jouvin@…>

  • run_email2trac.c: add error messages if DEBUG macro defined
  • run_email2trac.c: add error testing and specific return values for each error
  • run_email2trac.c: Move site specific paramaters to run_email2trac.h
  • run_email2trac.h: include file to define site specific paramaters

0.2.4 01/11/2005

Added email_header option if set then show TO/CC fields in description of the ticket.

Fixed an error in the mailto URL. This was an old error that supposed to be fixed but reoccured in this version.

0.2.3 31/10/2005

Fixed a bug with base64 encoded attachments/emails Fixed by: Walter de Jong

0.2.2 10/10/2005

according to RFC 2368 (titled "the mailto URL scheme") the mailto URL can only work with short &body messages. It fails with long messages and the link won't work. Therefore the mail body is no longer copied into the mail reply.

0.2.1 10/07/2005

body of reply email looks better

0.2 10/07/2005

mailto is replaced by a html mailto to line. If you reply to the ticket via this link then an email client is started with some default values:

To: <reporter> Subject: Re: <orginal subject> Body: email_comment <orginal text>


email_comment: # (default: >)

Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.