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  • Added ticketing merging. To enable it there are two options for both options enable 'ticket_update' in email2trac.conf 1 - Configure trac notification, eg:
    • (ticket address: test-ticket@…) [notification]
    smtp_enabled = true

smtp_always_cc = test@… smtp_server = localhost smtp_from = test-ticket@…

always_notify_reporter = true

2 - Use the mailto_cc in email2trac.conf if you want to sent

an email to the user and the trac ticket email address.

With both options you get the right format of the subject line.

  • Use the short options for the install command. So it works for MacOSx Reported by: Nathaniel Irons.
  • Update inline documentation by Nathaniel Irons.


  • Fixed a bug when there was no plain text body. Reported by: Greg Deakyne
  • Fixed a small bug if default component owner is unknown. Just fill in some bogus info.
  • Use the short options for the install command. So it works for MacOSx Reported by: Nathaniel Irons
  • Messages that has X-Virus-found in header are marked as SPAM Implemented by: Walter de Jong
  • Some modules are changed for version 0.10, Added and made some minor changes: Patch supplied by: Markus Tacker
  • Ported to version 0.9 and higher: Reported by: Nathaniel Irons


  • Fixed an bug for 0.9, there was a space in front of the ' ticket' directory. removed it. Reported by: mi-trachacks@… Fixed by: Bas van der Vlies
  • Fixed an exception error in when shutil has not enough priveledges to remove the attachments it is reported Fixed by: Bas van der Vlies
  • When you include the body tag, some mailers (like Thunderbird) will leave out the signature. Therefore this version leaves out the body tag. Fixed by: Walter de Jong
  • Added msg.txt for testing Fixed by: Bas van der Vlies

2006-02-01 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Added Tikcet notification, send email when there is a new ticket. Depends on notification setting in trac.ini. Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Can use different template for ticket notification, eg: alternate_notify_template: "a_tkt.css" Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Added reply_all config parameter. If set put all CC-addresses from orginal mail in ticket CC-field. Suggested by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Text in ticket description is also properly UTF-8 encoded Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Removed reply_address from config file. Is not necessary anymore. See Ticket notification.
  • Added support for known users. If email address is known then use the trac known username instead of the email-address (only for trac version > 0.9) Implemented by: Kilian Cavalotti
  • Fixed an error in saving attachments for version < 0.9. Sometimes we got bogus attachments. Fixed by: Walter de Jong
  • Added support to make an debian package Implemented by: Bas van der Vlies

2006-01-21 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Fixed run_email2trac.c, did not work
  • Added TRAC_SCRIPT_NAME to to solve run_email2trac problem

Both errors reported by: kilian.cavalotti@…

2006-01-20 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • A warning error is fixed by kilian.cavalotti@…
  • Several errors in make install ;-(, reported by tacker

2006-01-15 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Added configure script.

2006-01-10 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Removed project_root from source and config file
  • Adjust code so we can use mulitple stanza's in config file, eg: [bas] project: /data/trac/bas spam_level: 3
use option "-pproject bas" to select the stanza

2006-01-04 Bas van der Vlies <basv@…>:

  • Fixed getopt for -f option
  • Added suppport for different TRAC versions (0.8 and 0.9)

2006-01-03 Michel Jouvin <jouvin@…>

  • (ReadConfig?) : allow project name relative to project root in configuration file

  • (TicketEmailParser?.parse): save entire email for debugging only if debug >= 2
  • run_email2trac.c: pass wrapper arguments to Python script, filtering out --file
  • (TicketEmailParser?.debug_attachments): set tmp file created for debugging writable by anybody (to avoid problem if the script is run with a different uid during tests)
  • (TicketEmailParser?.parse): set tmp file created for debugging writable by anybody (to avoid problem if the script is run with a different uid during tests)

2005-12-22 Michel Jouvin <jouvin@…>

  • Makefile: add a Makefile to build and install email2trac
  • migrate to Trac 0.9 API

2005-12-21 Michel Jouvin <jouvin@…>

  • run_email2trac.c: add error messages if DEBUG macro defined
  • run_email2trac.c: add error testing and specific return values for each error
  • run_email2trac.c: Move site specific paramaters to run_email2trac.h
  • run_email2trac.h: include file to define site specific paramaters

0.2.4 01/11/2005

Added email_header option if set then show TO/CC fields in description of the ticket.

Fixed an error in the mailto URL. This was an old error that supposed to be fixed but reoccured in this version.

0.2.3 31/10/2005

Fixed a bug with base64 encoded attachments/emails Fixed by: Walter de Jong

0.2.2 10/10/2005

according to RFC 2368 (titled "the mailto URL scheme") the mailto URL can only work with short &body messages. It fails with long messages and the link won't work. Therefore the mail body is no longer copied into the mail reply.

0.2.1 10/07/2005

body of reply email looks better

0.2 10/07/2005

mailto is replaced by a html mailto to line. If you reply to the ticket via this link then an email client is started with some default values:

To: <reporter> Subject: Re: <orginal subject> Body: email_comment <orginal text>


email_comment: # (default: >)

Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.