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Installation and Configuration of email2trac

The email2trac package contains the following utilities:

  • : converts an email to ticket. Reads a config file email2trac.conf
  • run_email2trac.c : suid program that changes the MTA-user to the TRAC-user so that we can save attachments
  • : small program that deletes the SPAM tickets from the database
  • email2trac.conf : read by to set the various options. This are the options:
        [DEFAULT]			# REQUIRED
        project_root: /data/trac	# REQUIRED if project: doesn't specify a project
    				# full path, else OPTIONAL
        project: bas 		# OPTIONAL if project_root: present,
    				# else REQUIRED and MUST specify a project full path
        debug: 1			# OPTIONAL, if set print some DEBUG info
        spam_level: 4		# OPTIONAL, if set check for SPAM mail
        reply_address: 1		# OPTIONAL, if set then fill in ticket CC field
        umask: 022			# OPTIONAL, Use this umask for saving attachments
        mailto_link: 1		# OPTIONAL, if set then [mailto:<CC>] in description
        email_header: 1		# OPTIONAL, if set then show TO/CC fields in description
        trac_version: 0.8		# OPTIONAL, if set use this as trac version (D: 0.9)

Installation and Configuration

First build, install email2trac :

  • Edit Makefile, adjust the variables (in particular INSTALL_DIR, MTA_USER and TRAC_USER)
  • make
  • make install
  • Define a symlink /etc/email2trac.conf referencing $INSTALL_DIR/email2trac.conf

After installatin, edit email2trac.conf for your site. Most important parameters are project_root: and project:. project: defines a default project, when project_root: is specified.


It depends on your MTA how the setup is. For Sendmail and Postfix, the procedure is the same :

  • Edit your alias definition file (default : /etc/aliases for Postfix, /etc/mail/aliases for Sendmail) and add one line per project/component you want to allow ticket submission from email to. For each alias, you can specify option --project to specify a project other than the default configured inside the configuration file (project must be located below project_root) and option --component to specify a component other than the default component for the project. Line must have the following format :
         tracproj: |/usr/sbin/run_email2trac [--project=<project_name>] [--component=<project_component>]
  • Update your alias database with command newaliases
  • Test with a command like :
         mail tracproj < test7.eml
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