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[5]1email2trac - utilities
4This is a release of the SARA package email2trac that contains utilities that
5we use to convert emails to trac tickets. The initial setup was made by
6Daniel Lundin from Edgewall Software. SARA has extend the initial setup, 
7with the following extensions:
9  - HTML messages
10  - Attachments
11  - Use commandline options
[168]12  - Config file is used to control the behaviour of the email2trac software
13  - Unicode support for special characters in the headers of an email
[5]14    message
[168]15  - Ticket updates via mail
[5]18See INSTALL for the how to setup the utilities
20Comments or Suggestions mail them to:
[168]21        email2trac <>
23 for more info about SARA.
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