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(edit) @585   11 years bas added blog patch from Thomas Moschny, closes #287,#235,#175
(edit) @582   11 years bas urllib.quote can not handele unicode strings
(edit) @581   11 years bas mailto_link did not use the right subject variable, it must use the …
(edit) @580   12 years bas added Astarp firewall support: X-Spam-Flag: YES X-Spam-Result: Spam
(edit) @578   12 years bas commited patch by thomas moschny for blog support, see #235
(edit) @576   12 years bas fixed an error in parsing from addres if email name contains a charset
(edit) @572   12 years bas adjusted email_header_acl we now loop over all to address to allow …
(edit) @570   12 years bas use all 'to-addresses for recipient_list instead of just one, closes #268
(edit) @569   12 years bas text/plain attachments are not attached when they are marked as not …
(edit) @564   12 years bas Only use repr() in subject logging, still convert subject to unicode, …
(edit) @563   12 years bas fixed unicode error when printing subject line. Python logging module …
(edit) @561   12 years bas converted all dry-run print statement to
(edit) @559   12 years bas removed some comments
(edit) @558   12 years bas reporter ticket field can also be changed by a workflow, see #226
(edit) @557   12 years bas delete obsolete workflow code, see #226
(edit) @556   12 years bas chamged workflow to TicketModule? implementation as suggested by: …
(edit) @555   12 years bas rewrote save_email_for_debug. So no unicode problems and all files …
(edit) @554   12 years bas version 0.11, 0.12 and 0.13 have the same import statements.
(edit) @553   12 years bas removed some obsolete code and some layout changes
(edit) @551   12 years bas adjusted doc string for check_filename_length
(edit) @550   12 years bas fixed an error in check_filename_length must return 'None' if filename …
(edit) @549   12 years bas added a check_filename_length function. This function will check if …
(edit) @548   12 years bas email2trac can now handle large filenames, trac report an error, see #247
(edit) @547   12 years bas adjusted email2trac help text
(edit) @546   12 years bas renamed email2trac_workflow to mail_workflow and preparing for 2.4.0 …
(edit) @545   12 years bas added email2trac_workflow function. So we now honor workflow for new …
(edit) @543   12 years bas comment permission check for workflow. Is already done and some minor …
(edit) @541   12 years bas preparing email2trac for trac release 0.13, see #250
(edit) @540   12 years bas preparing email2trac for trac 0.13 release, see #250
(edit) @539   12 years bas fixed check permission problem when PrivateTicketsPlugin? is installed, …
(edit) @538   12 years bas email2trac only used the default workflow. We now use the ticket …
(edit) @537   12 years bas forgot to save, see #264
(edit) @534   12 years bas log trac error if something goes wrong with opening the project …
(edit) @533   12 years bas ticket_update_by_subject enhancement, closes #253
(edit) @532   12 years bas fix a bug in the windows logging environment, closes #251
(edit) @531   12 years bas a better patch for update_ticket_fields
(edit) @530   12 years bas updated fix for ticket update fields
(edit) @529   12 years bas fixed a bug in ticket update by subject for trac version less then …
(edit) @528   12 years bas - enhanced the save_email_for_debug() function
(edit) @527   12 years bas workflow must be set to None, see #247
(edit) @526   12 years bas Fix re-opening for closed tickets for trac 0.12 and higher. Only …
(edit) @525   12 years bas fixed some logging errors in email_to_unicode function
(edit) @524   12 years bas Fixed and error in ticket_update_fields. Always check if it is a valid …
(edit) @521   12 years bas Fixed an error in setting up the logging envrionment for Windows Oses
(edit) @520   12 years bas fixed a bug in the date format used for ticket_update_by_subject.
(edit) @519   12 years bas changed print statement to logger.error. sys.exit(1) must be …
(edit) @518   12 years bas Fixed comparison of email addresses and author names. Always do lower …
(edit) @517   12 years bas Some small mailto fix
(edit) @516   12 years bas applied patch from Dennis McRitchie?, closes #236
(edit) @514   12 years bas changed tempfile.mktemp to tempfile.mkstemp
(edit) @509   12 years bas added a new parameter: inline_properties_first_wins, closes #216
(edit) @508   12 years bas We now can override the notify function with AlwaysNotifyReport?, see …
(edit) @507   12 years bas converted tabs to spaces
(edit) @506   12 years bas fixed mailto link buf for trac 0.12
(edit) @503   12 years bas changed some code an made an function html_2_text that uses an …
(edit) @502   12 years bas fix some spelling errors
(edit) @500   12 years bas fixed a bug when sending html and text messages. we did get empty …
(edit) @498   12 years bas added support for html to text conversion, in email2trac.conf: * …
(edit) @497   12 years bas fixed an typo
(edit) @496   12 years bas applied patch that fixes some dicussion plugin problems, closes #231
(edit) @495   12 years bas Attachments without a name will be saved a 'untitled-part'. This used …
(edit) @494   12 years bas spell error
(edit) @493   12 years bas fixed some bugs in update_ticket_fields function, see #228
(edit) @492   12 years bas allow more ticket fields to be updated by inline properties, closes #227
(edit) @491   12 years bas added some statement where we could convert html to text
(edit) @490   13 years bas - renamed function body_text() to get_body_text()
(edit) @489   13 years bas fixed log_type error on windows platfor, closes #225
(edit) @487   13 years bas Enhancement to update-by-subject routines, closes #188
(edit) @486   13 years bas Fixed the calculation of number of ticket changes, closes #223
(edit) @485   13 years bas added parentdir functionality, see #217
(edit) @484   13 years bas Applied a patch to detect valid users if smtp_default_domain is set, …
(edit) @483   13 years bas fixed a type error, '>=' and not '=>', Thanks to Konstantin Ryabitsev
(edit) @481   13 years bas applied patch from Konstantin Ryabitsev that solve that one email …
(edit) @477   13 years bas - uniform formot for comments
(edit) @476   13 years bas renamed variable new_ticket to new in update_ticket_fields
(edit) @474   13 years bas fine tuning of permission model in: - TICKET_APPEND - TICKET_CHGPROP …
(edit) @472   13 years bas - the default trac value for resolution is fixed …
(edit) @470   13 years bas some reformat of code
(edit) @469   13 years bas improved workflow patch, see #198
(edit) @468   13 years bas appllied patch from kroseneg at schmidham dot net to define a …
(edit) @467   13 years bas only check if debug is set
(edit) @466   13 years bas avoid namespace collision
(edit) @465   13 years bas remove \r and \n characters from attachment filenames
(edit) @464   13 years bas change some help text
(edit) @463   13 years bas removed obsolete line trac_default_version
(edit) @462   13 years bas Fixed an Unicode error in strip_quotes and update versions info
(edit) @456   13 years bas Mail was lost when ticket_update was disabled and ticket reply was detected
(edit) @455   13 years bas removed has_key from workflow parameter
(edit) @454   13 years bas removed some comment lines
(edit) @453   13 years bas removed obsolete conversion to int for debug
(edit) @452   13 years bas If we add a value try to convert it to int. If fails just add it. Due …
(edit) @451   13 years bas Last variable SUBJECT_FIELD_SEPARATOR ported to UserDict?
(edit) @450   13 years bas Some more variables ported to UserDict?
(edit) @449   13 years bas converteed INLINE_PROPERTIES and USE_TEXTWRAP
(edit) @448   13 years bas converted STRIP_QUOTES and STRIP_SIGNATURES to UserDict?
(edit) @447   13 years bas ported DROP_ALTERNATIVE_HTML_VERSION to UserDict?
(edit) @446   13 years bas converted VERBATIM_FORMAT to UserDict?
(edit) @445   13 years bas ported LOOKBACK to UserDict?
(edit) @444   13 years bas ported TICKET_UPDATE to UserDict?
(edit) @442   13 years bas ported TICKET_UPDATE to UserDict?
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