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#126 sendmail with email2trac problem (resubmitted with proper formatting) bas defect blocker trunk duplicate
#68 Strip attachments with certain file extensions bas enhancement major 0.3 fixed
#156 Can't change comments created with email2trac bas defect major 1.0.0 fixed
#157 workflow option is ignored (patch) bas defect major 1.0.0 fixed
#163 Python egg cache problem (and fix) in v 1.0.0 of email2trac bas enhancement major 1.0.0 fixed
#172 Prevent Mail-Loops anonymous defect major 1.0.0 fixed
#149 filenames of attachments are escaped twice by email2trac bas defect minor 1.0.0 fixed
#165 This message has 0 attachment(s) bas enhancement minor trunk fixed
#166 Propose using '&' instead of comma as field separator on subject line bas enhancement minor 1.0.0 fixed
#169 Contributed ebuild of trac2email for gentoo bas enhancement minor 1.0.0 fixed
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