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#152 HTML-mails content not stored in description of ticket anonymous task critical fixed
#178 Notification of sender independent from trac.ini bas enhancement major 1.0.0 fixed
#188 Update ticket based on subject bas enhancement major fixed
#216 disallow multiple assignment of the same inline property bas enhancement major 1.6.0 fixed
#218 Problem when multiple trac accounts match email address bas defect major trunk fixed
#228 clearing ticket fields via inline properties doesn't work bas defect major trunk fixed
#229 Blacklist to exclude reporters from receiving a notification bas enhancement major fixed
#230 HTML-parts are attached as `None` instead of `untiteled-part.ext` bas defect major fixed
#231 Sending new email2trac ticket via email because of spam rejection by Sara's Trac project bas enhancement major 1.6.0 fixed
#217 Additional config option (`parentdir`) to avoid the need of sections for each project bas enhancement minor trunk fixed
#219 Option to detect valid users when using a default_domain and no email on settings bas enhancement minor 1.6.0 fixed
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