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#100 fixed problems with ticket follow-up bas zygis@…

im having problems posting follow-ups to tickets from emails.

email2trac works to create new tickets from email, so i dont think there's a problem there, however the follow-ups just never appear. any ideas where i can look for more clues? email2trac is working with fetchmail on a single project.

here's my email2trac.conf

project: /d/trac/darqenv
debug: 2
umask: 022
reply_all : 1
mailto_link: 0
email_comment: >
email_header: 0
trac_version: 0.11
enable_syslog : 1
alternate_notify_template: 0
verbatim_format: 0
strip_signature: 1
use_textwrap: 70
ticket_update: 1

output of fetchmail

fetchmail: 1 message for at
.TD: saving email to /tmp/msg.txt
TD: part1: Content-Type: text/plain
TD: part1: filename: None
TD: this part is not multipart
TD: writing part1 (/tmp/part1)
TD: saving email to /tmp/tmpEuThG_.email2trac
fetchmail: reading message of 1 (1392 header octets) (149 body octets) flushed
#58 fixed I don't understand how to configure ticket update bas zooko@…

Dear folks:

Thank you for creating email2trac! It is exactly what I want. Unfortunately I do not understand how to follow these directions in the "Configuration" page about configuring "ticket update". What purpose is served by the "email address where the ticket information will be sent to", which is "test@…" in your example. Should I put the same address as my bug-reports e-mail address in that field, or a different one, the way you did in your example. If a different one, then what program is going to handle messages sent to that address? Thank you!

#59 fixed are some of these config ints actually bools? bas zooko@…

If "debug" and "replay_all" are actually bools (they can have one of two possible values), then their values should be written "True" and "False" instead of "1" and "0" in the config file.

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