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#323 invalid priority keyword from email subject line does not get set bas milki

Sending an email using the subject line to set the priority doesn't work for me.

We have priority configured as follows: 0 Drop everything 1 Do now 2 Do next 3 Nice to have

I've attempted to set any number of values for the priority in the subject line

#?priority=1 #?priority=1 Do now #?priority=high #?priority="1 Do now"

Whatever I try, I can't get the new trac tickets to have the priority I want.

I have been able to set other properties: owner, component, type, etc. Only version fails to be set to a non-default value.

Suggestions on what I'm doing wrong or if there's a bug?

#324 fixed set_cc_fields ignoring existing cc on update bas tboudreau@…

with reply_all to 1 in the .conf ticket # has cc A response goes in with cc B expected: cc has A & B result cc only with B

Also always_cc and always_bcc addresses should be skipped from being added to the cc field.

#325 fixed strip_quotes is noisy, breaks runs_email2trac bas tboudreau@…

when the .conf contains "strip_quotes: 1" email2trac emits the matched lines. run_email2trac gets upset.

The match lines should be going to the debug log. Like they do in the strip_signature method.

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