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#346 fixed too eager subject parsing in ticket update bas thomas.moschny@…

For this example subject

[hic] #1529?owner=bas,priority=medium: Re: LRZ

the fields part is parsed as:

owner=bas,priority=medium: Re

so in the end, the ticket field priority would be set to

medium: Re

This can be easily fixed:


    18591859        #
    18601860        ticket_regex = r'''
    18611861            (?P<new_fields>[#][?].*)
    1862             |(?P<reply>(?P<id>[#][\d]+)(?P<fields>\?.*)?:)
     1862            |(?P<reply>(?P<id>[#][\d]+)(?P<fields>\?[^:]*)?:)
    18631863            '''
    18651865        ## Check if  FullBlogPlugin is installed
#322 fixed Trac 1.1 not supportet bas info@…


i have installed the trac 1.1.1dev

2013-07-10 18:45:35,721 email2trac trac: Found trac version: 1.1 2013-07-10 18:45:35,721 email2trac trac: TRAC version 1.1 is not supported

is there a solution for this Problem?

thanks lars

#201 fixed [Trac] - email2trac for trac 0.12 bas mark_kids@…

Hi Sara,

I've tried installing the latest version of email2trac. But unfortunately,
it failed on testing.

My trac version is currently 0.12dev. I've ran this and I got a message
thats says it's not supported.

# email2trac --project=affinity < /usr/local/src/email2trac-1.4.2/msg.txt

TRAC version 0.12dev is not supported

Thanks and regards,

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