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#67 fixed write documentation about new ticket creation bas nidi

There's some documentation missing:

While it's documented how to update existing tickets, it's not made clear, how new tickets sent to email2trac are handled:

  • Subject line -> short summary
  • Body -> Full description

Is there a way to set other ticket properties when creating a new ticket via Email?

#222 invalid Wrong number of the new ticket comment bas stas.agarkov@…

This is error:

# How many changes has this ticket
cnum = len(tkt.get_changelog())

All right:

# How many changes has this ticket
cnum = len(tkt.get_changelog())+1
#293 fixed wrong transfer CC from email to ticket's CC filed bas slevin@…

Stand for tests: trac 0.12.2 on gentoo linux - copy of the production trac machine with a little changes in trac.ini in [notification] section. Email2Trac v.2.4.7 and the same situation with v.2.5.0

As I understand when e-mail contain into CC field some addresses - email2trac put that addresses into ticket's CC field - right? For me that doesn't work in both version of em2tr. I write first email into trac - without CC addresses in the email. All is ok - new ticket created into trac. CC field of that ticket is empty. I send second message as reply on the notification from trac, email in CC field contain one email address - in ticket we received new comment from my email and ticket's CC fields stay empty.

PS: I was try put CC into subject - that dowsn't work too. Only @cc:email work fine for me - is it correct?

May be somebody have a quick patch for fix it? or only I'm is a "lucky man" ?

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