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#47 fixed Notifications not being sent when tickets created via email2trac bas newz@…

Hi, I've configured email2trac and its working. When I send e-mails to my address they are being created as new tickets in trac. However, I've configured trac to send notifications. If I create the ticket through the web interface I do get the notification just fine. But when I create a ticket by sending an e-mail to email2trac I'm not getting a notification.

My trac version is 0.10.4. I'm using email2trac 0.13. The system is Ubuntu Linux Server 6.06.

#48 fixed Patch for email2trac bas Christian Iversen <ci@…>
Hello email2trac-devs

It seems that email2trac is platform-agnostic, and certainly not
to i386. I therefore propose the following patch:

Index: debian/control
--- debian/control      (revision 196)
+++ debian/control      (working copy)
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@

  Package: email2trac
  Section: misc
-Architecture: i386
+Architecture: all
  Maintainer: Bas van der Vlies <>
  Depends: ${slibs:Depends}, python, cdbs, trac
  Description: Converts email to a trac ticket

#49 fixed Notification Message missing URLs bas ejh@…


I'm using Trac 0.11b1 and when notification message are sent they are missing the links that the bottom.

Any ideas at all would be appriciated,


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