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#162 invalid Unable to report email2trac problem: ticket rejected as spam bas Dennis McRitchie <dmcr@…>

I'm trying to report a problem and a fix for a python egg cache problem with v 1.0.0, but am unable to create the ticket. It is always rejected as potential spam: "Submission rejected as potential spam (Akismet says content is spam)"

How can I get around this and submit my problem report and fix?


#167 invalid attachments cause an infinite loop bas ubuntu@…

Hi, I've been using email2trac and I absolutely love it. Thanks!

However, I've discovered a critical bug. When a user submits an attachment, email2trac gets stuck in some kind of infinite loop, and it reprocesses the email (and the attachment) dozens (or even hundreds?) of times. The attachment gets added to the ticket many, many times, and I'm forced to just delete the ticket to clear up the mess.

Has anyone else seen this?

I'm a Python developer and I'm happy to troubleshoot this problem (and submit a fix), but I need to know where to look.

email2trac gets its emails (and attachments) from fetchmail. So I guess it could be fetchmail causing the problem...(?)

If anyone else sees this please post here, so I know whether or not it's just my particular configuration...

#222 invalid Wrong number of the new ticket comment bas stas.agarkov@…

This is error:

# How many changes has this ticket
cnum = len(tkt.get_changelog())

All right:

# How many changes has this ticket
cnum = len(tkt.get_changelog())+1
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