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#74 fixed black_list always includes "MAILER-DAEMON@" bas email2trac@…

This may be a fringe usage, but we redirect certain bounce emails to email2trac so that we can keep track of them in Trac.

It was great that 0.30 introduced the black_list parameter. Unfortunately, even if the parameter is empty, "MAILER-DAEMON@" will always be added to it.

Is there a reason why this configuration parameter behaves as such? If it is to prevent email loops, perhaps email2trac can set a separate X-* header and check explicitly for that?

#75 fixed black_list splits on whitespace instead of commas bas email2trac@…

The documentation indicates the black_list parameter is comma-separated, but the code splits on whitespace.

#76 fixed This pages contains both secure and unsecure items bas jon.wbstr@…

Project page is using https, but it looks like the google adds are unsecure items and cause this error to come up on every page using IE6. Firefox2 just doesn't load the content evidently.

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