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#77 fixed Contributing back some customizations bas jon.wbstr@…

I setup email2trac on windows this month using the virtual SMTP drop folder and ran into a couple of issues.

  1. The drop folder accepts mail to any address or @server.ip.address.
  2. Email sent from outlook contain a winmail.dat file which does not need to be on the tickets.
  3. Email sent containing HTML, result in 'part0001.html' attachments that also do not need to be on the tickets.

The attached diff is against trunk on 8/3/2008 and adds ignoring of winmail.dat and part0001.html attachments and the 'rcptaddress_list' parameter. Emails not sent to an address listed in rcptaddress_list is ignored.

I also revized the batch file slightly so that it deletes emails as they are processed to avoid accidently deleting an email that arrived durring processing but before the delete *.eml command is triggered.

SET MAIL_DIR=C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Drop

for %%f in ("%MAIL_DIR%\*.eml") do C:\python24\python.exe D:\svn_repository\email2trac\ -p afids < %%f & DEL %%f
#78 fixed Tickets created by email2trac add a ticket ID change event bas jon.wbstr@…

I see this change event for every ticket created by email2trac (trac 0.11).

    *   id  set to <ticketID>
#79 fixed Having some issues getting multiple projects to work bas gmcgrath@…

I've recently updated to the trunk version of email2trac (to get the auto reactivation of tickets feature) and I can't seem to make multiple project handing work correctly. The default / CSBMBPortal listing works perfect, I have 2 emails in the alias file forwarding to that project but the PNIInteral project seems to be ignoring it's emails entirely. If I muck with the aliases to send to an incorrect project name email2trac correctly bounces it back to the sender with a listing of the correct project names. Any ideas?

Relevant alias entries:

csbmb-help: "|/usr/local/email2trac/bin/email2trac --project=CSBMBPortal"

tesla-help: "|/usr/local/email2trac/bin/email2trac --project=CSBMBPortal --component=Tesla"

mri-cert: "|/usr/local/email2trac/bin/email2trac --project=PNIInternal --component=MRI"



project: /usr/csbmb/trac-env/port/

debug: 2

umask: 002

spam_level: 0

reply_all : 1

mailto_link: 0

umask: 022

email_comment: >

email_header: 1

trac_version: 0.10

enable_syslog : 1

alternate_notify_template :

drop_spam : 0

ticket_update: 1


project: /usr/csbmb/trac-env/port/

reply_all: 1

spam_level: 0

umask: 002


project: /usr/csbmb/trac-env/Internal/

reply_all: 1

spam_level: 0

umask: 002

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