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#278 fixed Conditional workflow bas Chris.Nelson@…

I'd like an email2trac workflow to only be invoked when the e-mail sender is the ticket owner. Is there any way to configure this restriction?

#48 fixed Patch for email2trac bas Christian Iversen <ci@…>
Hello email2trac-devs

It seems that email2trac is platform-agnostic, and certainly not
to i386. I therefore propose the following patch:

Index: debian/control
--- debian/control      (revision 196)
+++ debian/control      (working copy)
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@

  Package: email2trac
  Section: misc
-Architecture: i386
+Architecture: all
  Maintainer: Bas van der Vlies <>
  Depends: ${slibs:Depends}, python, cdbs, trac
  Description: Converts email to a trac ticket

#18 fixed Support replying to ticket notifications bas chrivers@…

I'm trying to use trac+email2trac as a request tracket for the support@ email address at our company.

It mostly works, except for the following problems:

1) If the reporter answers to a notification email, that email is either sent from support@company, in which case the reply becomes a _new_ ticket, or it's sent from <other>@company, in which case it's not tracked. It doesn't seem to be possible to track replies to notifications, as replies in trac.

2) It's not possible to exclusively use trac, since for example you cannot attach files when replying to tickets. I don't want to use trac exclusively either, since my mail client is much nicer to compose mails in.

To solve these problems, I suggest something like the following scenario:

  • The ticket number is put in the subject, like with RequestTracker? ("Ticket #42: Question about foo")

  • A customer, bob@… has a request for support@…. He sends his question like a normal email (which pipes into email2trac)
  • The company recieves a new ticket notification from trac (or email2trac), with the Reply-to header set to support@…. They reply to bobs request.
  • Email2trac now gets another notification. This time it contains a valid ticket number in the subject, so email2trac can know it's a reply to a ticket, not a new ticket. The new text gets added as a reply to the ticket, and bob@… is sent the new reply as well.
  • Bob has further questions, so he replies back to the ticket notification
  • Bobs reply is again added as a reply in trac, and the company receives his reply
  • The company this time send the final information to bob, and adds "FIXED" in the subject.
  • The reply from the company is added in trac, and the ticket is closed. The reply is sent to bob.

I hope you can see the idea I have for using trac as a sort of mediator, or ticket gateway, if you will. As far as I can see, it should already be able to update tickets, although I have not successfully made this work yet.

Can you tell me what kind of work would be required to make email2trac act as outlined here? Would patches be accepted?

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