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#99 fixed RFC 3676 support breaks when content-type doesn't include delsp parameter bas ben@…

A fix for content=flowed support, makes it work correctly when the user agent doesn't provide the delsp param in the Content-Type header.

#100 fixed problems with ticket follow-up bas zygis@…

im having problems posting follow-ups to tickets from emails.

email2trac works to create new tickets from email, so i dont think there's a problem there, however the follow-ups just never appear. any ideas where i can look for more clues? email2trac is working with fetchmail on a single project.

here's my email2trac.conf

project: /d/trac/darqenv
debug: 2
umask: 022
reply_all : 1
mailto_link: 0
email_comment: >
email_header: 0
trac_version: 0.11
enable_syslog : 1
alternate_notify_template: 0
verbatim_format: 0
strip_signature: 1
use_textwrap: 70
ticket_update: 1

output of fetchmail

fetchmail: 1 message for at
.TD: saving email to /tmp/msg.txt
TD: part1: Content-Type: text/plain
TD: part1: filename: None
TD: this part is not multipart
TD: writing part1 (/tmp/part1)
TD: saving email to /tmp/tmpEuThG_.email2trac
fetchmail: reading message of 1 (1392 header octets) (149 body octets) flushed
#101 fixed Correctly set custom field default values when creating a ticket bas ben@…

Currently, all ticket custom fields are set to None instead of their proper default values when a ticket is created by email2trac. The patch below fixes the problem

--- (saved version)
+++ (current document)
@@ -682,7 +682,13 @@
 			# default trac value
-			value = self.get_config('ticket', 'default_%s' %(name) )
+			if not field.get('custom'):
+				value = self.get_config('ticket', 'default_%s' %(name) )
+			else:
+				value = field.get('value')
+				options = field.get('options')
+				if value and options and value not in options:
+					value = options[int(value)]
 			if self.DEBUG > 10:
 				print 'trac.ini name %s = %s' %(name, value)
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