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#84 fixed New Tickets are created with resolution :fixed bas hju@…

Hope this is no RTFM problem, but I found nothing in the doku and have no more ideas where to look at.

email2trac is installed an working properly. The only problem is that new tickets are showing the resolution :fixed

example:Ticket #22 (new Fehler: fixed)

There is no default_value for this nor did I find a place to define / delete it.

Only workaround is to use del_resolution in the TicketWorkflow


default_component = nicht zugeordnet
default_milestone = 
default_priority = normal
default_severity = Mittel
default_type = 
default_version = 
restrict_owner = true
workflow = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow,TicketWorkflowOpOwnerReporter,TicketWorkflowOpOwnerPrevious,TicketWorkflowOpXRef


project: /home/trac/ticket
debug: 0
umask: 022
spam_level: 5
reply_all : 0
mailto_link: 1
umask: 022
email_header: 0
trac_version: 0.11
enable_syslog: 1
drop_spam: 0
verbatim_format: 0
strip_signature: 1
email_quote: >
strip_quotes: 0
ignore_trac_user_settings: 0
ticket_update: 1
blacklist: MAILER-DAEMON@

project: /home/trac/ticket
#85 fixed ImportError: No module named genshi bas didley@…

I got this error when I start python

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 104, in <module>
    from trac import config as trac_config
  File "d:\programme\python25\lib\site-packages\Trac-0.11stable-py2.5.egg\trac\", line 19,
in <module>
    from trac.util.compat import set, sorted
  File "d:\programme\python25\lib\site-packages\Trac-0.11stable-py2.5.egg\trac\util\", li
ne 32, in <module>
    from trac.util.html import escape, unescape, Markup, Deuglifier
  File "d:\programme\python25\lib\site-packages\Trac-0.11stable-py2.5.egg\trac\util\", line 1
6, in <module>
    from genshi import Markup, escape, unescape
ImportError: No module named genshi

I'm using

Trac: 0.11stable
Python: 2.5 (r25:51908, Sep 19 2006, 09:52:17) [MSC v.1310 32 bit (Intel)]
setuptools: 0.6c6
SQLite: 3.3.4
pysqlite: 2.3.2
Genshi: 0.5.1dev
Subversion: 1.4.3 (r23084)
jQuery: 1.2.6

on Microsoft Windows 2000 SP5

#86 fixed Disable notificatiosn to reporter on a per-project basis bas saranl@…

I'd like to route some automatically generated emails (like a status report) to generate a ticket as usual but NOT have any notifications sent to the 'reporter' address when the ticket is created or updated (in fact ever).

Maybe there could be an option for this I could add to the project options in email2trac.conf - it's easy enough to route these mails to a particular address and have the project name set on the command line.

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