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#166 fixed Propose using '&' instead of comma as field separator on subject line bas Dennis McRitchie <dmcr@…>

Currently, fields on subject lines are separated by commas. e.g.,

Subject: This is a test ticket#?priority=minor,cc=knight,component=component1

This poses a problem when a keyword's value is itself a comma-separated list such as the 'cc' field. e.g.,

Subject: This is a test ticket#?priority=blocker,cc=knight,dmcr,component=component2

However, using '&' instead of comma as a field separator allows such specifications, and is consistent with standard web usage. e.g.,

This is a test ticket#?priority=blocker&cc=knight,dmcr&component=component2

The only change needed is on email2trac line 524:

fields = string.split(str, '&')


#202 fixed email2trac does not honor Trac permissions when creating/updating tickets bas Dennis McRitchie <dmcr@…>

Hi Bas,

I love this script, and am increasingly using it with our Trac projects; however, one problem is that it does not appear to respect the Trac permissions set up for creating or updating tickets.

This seems to happen whether the reporter is "anonymous" (in which case, I would expect it to respect the permissions assigned to "anonymous"), as well as when the reporter has an email address that can be translated into one of the known users (where I would expect email2trac to respect the permissions for that user).

As it is, email2trac will create a ticket for anyone, even if that person could not create a ticket if they went to the Trac website and tried to do it from there. I would think the two methods should be consistent.

Is this intentional, or just something you have not had time to get around to yet? Or worse still, does Trac not support a way of finding out the permissions using its API?



P.S. I'm actually using 1.4.2, which is not on the Version drop-down list.

#261 invalid Test bas dennis.stam@…
Another ignore mail


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