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#165 fixed This message has 0 attachment(s) bas dereks@…

Every ticket I create via email, using email2trac, gets a comment that says:

Comments: (by derek) This message has 0 attachment(s)

If there are zero attachments, I'd prefer it if there was no comment at all. I don't need to document that something doesn't exist.

Also, this "feature" breaks the AnnouncementPlugin? (which allows Trac to send pretty HTML-formatted notifications). If I enable that plugin, I get two HTML-formatted notifications: one for the new ticket (similar to Trac's built-in notifications), but then a second, redundant one to tell me there is a new comment (which just says: "This message has 0 attachment(s)" ).

Thanks for working on email2trac, so far it's looking pretty awesome...

#85 fixed ImportError: No module named genshi bas didley@…

I got this error when I start python

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 104, in <module>
    from trac import config as trac_config
  File "d:\programme\python25\lib\site-packages\Trac-0.11stable-py2.5.egg\trac\", line 19,
in <module>
    from trac.util.compat import set, sorted
  File "d:\programme\python25\lib\site-packages\Trac-0.11stable-py2.5.egg\trac\util\", li
ne 32, in <module>
    from trac.util.html import escape, unescape, Markup, Deuglifier
  File "d:\programme\python25\lib\site-packages\Trac-0.11stable-py2.5.egg\trac\util\", line 1
6, in <module>
    from genshi import Markup, escape, unescape
ImportError: No module named genshi

I'm using

Trac: 0.11stable
Python: 2.5 (r25:51908, Sep 19 2006, 09:52:17) [MSC v.1310 32 bit (Intel)]
setuptools: 0.6c6
SQLite: 3.3.4
pysqlite: 2.3.2
Genshi: 0.5.1dev
Subversion: 1.4.3 (r23084)
jQuery: 1.2.6

on Microsoft Windows 2000 SP5

#139 fixed Configure more projects in email2trac.conf bas didley@…

Dear all,

I'm using email2trac version 0.80. All works fine and I'm happy to have this small program with this big effect.

Just one thing.

The configfile email2trac.conf has the possibility to add another project.

Your description says:

project      : /data/trac/jouvin # use -p|--project jouvin

Please what means use -p or --project

my second project ends in

project: D:\Project\BlaProject

but it works not.

How I have to use -p or --project?

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