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#231 fixed Sending new email2trac ticket via email because of spam rejection by Sara's Trac project bas dmcr@…
Hi Bas,

I tried to submit the text below, and got the infamous ' Submission rejected
as potential spam' error. Don't know of any workaround except to email you

Here is a patch that fixes some problems with the discussion plugin support

1) syntax error: 'logger' spelled as 'loggger'.
2) Trac 0.12.1 requires a locale to be specified in the Request object.
3) Could not test for whether the discussion plugin was enabled with
'tracdiscussion.api.*'. Had to use the full name of the parameter:

Note: this raises the possibility that the analogous test for whether the
FullBlogPlugin is enabled might have the same problem. The code tests for

4) When the log_level parameter is set to debug, internally set the debug
parameter to get the full debug output. (Don't know if you agree with this
one, but it seemed useful to me.)

Let me know if you have any questions or problems with this patch. It is
generated against the latest svn release as of today: r494.



#236 fixed Patch for ticket update bug, and some other minor enhancements bas dmcr@…

Hi Bas,

The attached patch fixes a bug when updating a ticket, in the case where the user submitting the update has Trac permission TICKET_MODIFY, but not TICKET_APPEND or TICKET_CHGPROP. This causes the ticket update to fail.

Since Trac documentation states that TICKET_MODIFY includes TICKET_APPEND and TICKET_CHGPROP permissions, I changed email2trac to check for TICKET_MODIFY whenever it checks for one of the other two permissions.

I also matched Trac behavior with respect to logging, so that when logging to file or stderr without an explicit log_format, a timestamp precedes the log message.

And I changed the log line that reports the subject of the email from 'debug' to 'info' so that in the case of success, there would be at least one line in the log file to indicate that email2trac processed that email.

Hope this helps.

Dennis McRitchie?

#242 fixed Identifying reporter sometime fails with bi-case email addresses bas dmcr@…

Hi Bas,

I had a reporter who updated a ticket he had created; and since email2trac did not recognize him as the reporter, it started a new ticket (while using ticket_permission_system = update_restricted_to_participants).

It turned out to be due to the reporter sometimes using a bi-case email address, and email2trac not always using the lower() method to standardize the addresses.

The attached patch fixes this case, and other similar ones.

Best regards,

Dennis McRitchie?

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