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#112 fixed no notification for tickets which created by email although always_cc is set bas winnie@…


If I create a new ticket via a email no notification is send to the email listed in always_cc is send. This is quite stupid since it would be cool to know if someone has create a new ticket.

If I create a ticket via webinterface the notification works of course

#113 fixed can't set informations (owner, version, milestone, ...) via email if email is empty bas winnie@…


It's currently not possible to set this informations (via Subject line) if the emailbody is empty.. if this is the case a notification email is send with the correct information is set but the informations on the webpage are not updated.

#114 wontfix When updating ticket should take in-reply-to -header into account bas eero.afheurlin@…

It would be nice to check for the in-reply-to and references headers to see which comment this is a reply to since trac (0.11) notifications add this information to headers and when using the web interfacy "reply" button trac has these nice arrows for quick reference.

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