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#231 fixed Sending new email2trac ticket via email because of spam rejection by Sara's Trac project bas dmcr@…
Hi Bas,

I tried to submit the text below, and got the infamous ' Submission rejected
as potential spam' error. Don't know of any workaround except to email you

Here is a patch that fixes some problems with the discussion plugin support

1) syntax error: 'logger' spelled as 'loggger'.
2) Trac 0.12.1 requires a locale to be specified in the Request object.
3) Could not test for whether the discussion plugin was enabled with
'tracdiscussion.api.*'. Had to use the full name of the parameter:

Note: this raises the possibility that the analogous test for whether the
FullBlogPlugin is enabled might have the same problem. The code tests for

4) When the log_level parameter is set to debug, internally set the debug
parameter to get the full debug output. (Don't know if you agree with this
one, but it seemed useful to me.)

Let me know if you have any questions or problems with this patch. It is
generated against the latest svn release as of today: r494.



#230 fixed HTML-parts are attached as `None` instead of `untiteled-part.ext` bas hju@…

Since upgrade to email2trac 1.2.0 and trac 0.11.6 in 03/2010 (currently running email2trac 1.4.6), inline-parts of html-mails (like images/jpg or text/html) are attached as None. Anyway, images are included and shown "inline" in the Ticket-description as expected.

Obviously, part.get_filename() in def get_message_parts() returns 'None' instead of ''. So the code:

  if not filename:
    filename = 'untitled-part'

    # Guess the extension from the content type, use non strict mode
    # some additional non-standard but commonly used MIME types 
    # are also recognized
    ext = mimetypes.guess_extension(part.get_content_type(), False)
    if not ext:
      ext = '.bin'

    filename = '%s%s' % (filename, ext)

in def unique_attachment_names() has no longer effekt at all.

As I couldn't find get_filename(), I can't trace down to the source of the problem. Is it email2trac or perhaps an issue of our trac-update?

Sorry for reporting so late, but I have not investigatet this any further...

#229 fixed Blacklist to exclude reporters from receiving a notification bas hju@…

Some of the reporters to our trac-system are other ticket-systems.

The admins complained about receiving our confimation which causes a new ticket to be opened in their system.

Lookin for a solution I extended my code from #178 to implement a notify_black_list in email2trac.conf There I can add all the emails to be excluded from notification. (Like black-List and white_list). As we never notify the reporter (exept for reporters via email2trac) I just have to exclude the mail-reporter from beeing added to the recipients-list. A more perfect code should scan the recipients to remove the emails which are on the ´notify_black_list´...

I've added the additional modification which are working fine in our environment (Version 1.4.6)

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