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#118 fixed email2trac ver 0.60 - login name not set and email bounces bas "Pusateri, Matthew" <Matthew.Pusateri@…>

I'm using the latest version of email2trac 0.60 released 1/19/2009 on
trac 0.11 with ubuntu 8.10, and sendmail.

I'm seeing two issues and do not know if they are a bug or not. I can
post to the trac-user mailing list if need be and or open bugs if

1. I have ignore_trac_user_settings set to 0 (zero) in my
email2trac.conf file(Defaults section), but the reporter never gets
to the login name, it will only set it to an email address

2. We send email to our exchange server which forwards to our ticket
system, the exchange server changes the mail header so the from email
address looks like instead of   The ticket gets created fine, and
get notified of the new ticket, but we also get a new ticket created
from a email bounc as being
undeliverable.  Not sure where it is stripping the lastname from?

Any ideas on these?


Matt Pusateri
also on trac IRC as Jeeplover or on trac-users as


#119 fixed Weird email with CC error bas gmcgrath@…

We've done some testing over here on the new 0.60 version you published. We have an issue receiving emails with a CC, but only if it has only 1 CC. If there is no CC or many CC addresses it passes thru and creates a ticket without any problems. However if there is only 1 CC target the CC receives a copy of the email but no ticket is created.

Our emails are constructed with the email address of the ticket system in the 'TO' field and the user's email address added as a CC (for this particular script). It has been confirmed that the CCer recieves and email but not the trac system. I can put up a copy of our conf file if need by as well.

#120 fixed tickeet updates with attachmenst does not work anymore bas bas

The function to deternine unique filenames crashes and is not correct. Thnanks to Alexander Verkooijen

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