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#228 fixed clearing ticket fields via inline properties doesn't work bas thomas.moschny@…

Expected to be able to clear ticket fields by using empty inline properties, like this:


but that doesn't work, the field contents isn't cleared. (Trac 0.11.7, email2trac r492)

Seems this is explicitly checked here. Is there a reason for that check?

#227 fixed [patch] allow '_' in inline properties bas thomas.moschny@…

The subject already says it. Is there a reason to not allow some more characters, especially '_' for the name of inline properties? We have custom fields which contain them, and I want people to be able to set these fields via mail.

#226 fixed More versatile workflow : compatibility with AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin bas Frédéric DUARTE <f.duarte@…>

It would be useful to get email2trac aware of the 'workflow' entry of trac.ini's [ticket] section.

It would help to trigger custom workflow operations that are not handled by Trac's ConfigurableTicketWorkflow.

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