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#140 duplicate email2trac not parsing emails bas delpheye@…

I have fetchmail and procmail installed and configured correctly(I assume) to process mail sent to trac for the mta_user.

[mta_user@boxbox ~]$ cat .procmailrc PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin MAILDIR=$HOME/Mail #better make sure it exists DEFAULT=$MAILDIR/mbox #completely optional LOGFILE=$MAILDIR/from #recommended

:0 h b

  • ^X-Loop: mta_user@… | /usr/bin/run_email2trac

[mta_user@boxbox ~]$ cat .fetchmailrc poll proto pop3 user mta_user pass "password" mda "/usr/bin/procmail"

[root@boxbox ~]# cat /etc/email2trac.conf [DEFAULT] project: /var/www/html/trac debug: 0 umask: 022 spam_level: 5 reply_all : 0 mailto_link: 0 umask: 022 email_header: 0 trac_version: 0.11 enable_syslog : 1 alternate_notify_template : alternate_notify_template_update : drop_spam : 0 verbatim_format: 1 strip_signature: 0 email_quote: > strip_quotes: 0 ignore_trac_user_settings: 0 black_list: MAILER-DAEMON@

I have verified the paths in these two files and have verified that mail is being correctly delivered to the user's local mbox file.

strace on the run_email2trac binary doesn't return any errors so I assume it's working correctly.

Is there something else I'm missing?

#141 duplicate Attachment with "ü" causes python error an is not attached bas hju@…

We found a problem with python-code execution if there is an german "Umlaut" (ü) in the filename of an attachment.

email2trac produces an error in the user.log of the server { Mar 10 17:00:04 ks35958 email2trac: Traceback (most recent call last): Mar 10 17:00:04 ks35958 email2trac: File "/usr/bin/email2trac", line 1249, in ? tktparser.parse(sys.stdin) Mar 10 17:00:04 ks35958 email2trac: File "/usr/bin/email2trac", line 818, in parse self.new_ticket(m, spam_msg) Mar 10 17:00:04 ks35958 email2trac: File "/usr/bin/email2trac", line 757, in new_ticket str = self.attachments(msg, tkt) Mar 10 17:00:04 ks35958 email2trac: File "/usr/bin/email2trac", line 1049, in attachments url_filename = urllib.quote(filename) Mar 10 17:00:04 ks35958 email2trac: File "", line 1110, in quote res = map(safe_map.getitem, s) Mar 10 17:00:04 ks35958 email2trac: KeyError?: u'\xfc' }

The ticket is created, but the attachment is not added.

Tracking down the error leads to an python-error in 2.4. The routine "quote", trying to encode special characters in the filename as "%<##>", returns an KeyError? with "\xfc" (ü).

However: Is there possible workaround usin another python-function?

We use a trunk-version (218) of Version 0.30

P.S.: in another environment, we are using email2trac version 0.80 with python 2.5 under windows... Under this circumstances, there is no ticket createt at all...

#142 fixed Some fields are no longer available using alternate_notify_template bas hju@…

In our old environment (email2trac 0.30 / trunk 218) we are using the alternate_notify_template to inform the reporter about acceptance of the ticket.

In the mail-body we use the following text (example):


your request was insertet as $ in our system.

Your request was:



Everything works fine!

Now we have established a new environment under windows with email2trac 0.80 and python 2.5.

Problem: The $ticket.description is displayed, but $ is empty. In the Mail-Header, the ID ist displayed!

Taking a close look shows: with the "old" email2trac, if a ticket was created there was "change-entry" for each ticket:

*id  set to 411

this is now missing.

Is it possible, that the ID is no longer known due to this missing "update"?

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