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#143 wontfix Creating a new ticket via email bas cbidwell@…

Hi, I can't seem to get this working. Replies to tickets work fine, but creating a new ticket...Not working.

Here is my email2trac.conf:

[trac] project : /home/svn/projects/trac debug : 0 enable_syslog: 1 spam_level : 0 reply_all : 1 umask : 022 mailto_link : 1 mailto_cc : user@… ticket_update: 1 trac_version : 0.11

And here is my /etc/aliases statement: trac: |"/usr/local/bin/run_email2trac --project=trac --ticket_prefix=trac"

#144 fixed Better Unicode support bas trumbitta@…

When a non-ASCII character is in the description, the message will not be parsed and the script will exit.

I'll try to fix this figuring out where to put a .encode('utf-8') but I'm not a python programmer...

I guess this is a problem wich not only affects the description, but also other fields.

You can easily check by adding an è somewhere in the description of a ticket.

#145 fixed whitespace in ticket fields bas trumbitta@…

When I use a milestone like this: "milestone with spaces" or a version like this: "2.0 stable" the message will be parsed but no ticket will be added.

I think this affects other fields, too

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