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#132 fixed Just keep the latest replied message in email to the description of ticket bas dsu@…

There can be many replied message (replied by some members of email loop) in email, when I send this email to Trac, all the replied message will be in description of ticket. How can I just keep the latest replied message in email to the description of new / updated ticket ? By the way, when I send email to submit Trac ticket, there seems redundant attachment named "untitled-part.html" in created ticket, how can it be removed ?

#133 fixed Emails contain an incorrect ticket URL bas thomasdn@…

When receiving e-mails from email2trac the footer contains a URL to the ticket. The URL however is not valid.

Here is an example:

Ticket URL: </ticket/2201> <> ApS

The correct URL in this case is:

#134 fixed Email2Trac and Fetchmail bas Avale

I'm trying to get Email2Trac to work with Fetchmail but I'm having issues.

The setup is currently using CentOS 5, Trac 0.11.4 and Email2Trac 0.80.

I have it configure with the MTA as root and the Trac user as apache.

When I do the test: email2trac --project=tracproj < msg.txt

It works fine. The ticket is created.

But when I run it through Fetchmail, I get this error: fetchmail: Error writing to MDA: Broken pipe

not flushed

Can anyone help me fix this? I would really like to get this working since it makes things a lot easier.

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