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#333 fixed replying email not working bas kshetriamrit@…

After replying email sent from trac, no comment is seen. Also I see a lot of *trac.email2trac* files in my /tmp folder that contains message replied to notification mail.

#362 fixed Case for "mail delivery failed" bas kshetriamrit@…

I have a case where there are multiple recipient for a mail. But one of the email is returning "mail delivery failed" email which is again used to comment on the ticket.

And this process is going in a loop.

Do we have any mechanism to control this? I searched but found nothing.


#364 fixed notify_sender doesn't work, probably since r633 bas kroseneg@…

Error message:

Failure sending notification on creation of ticket #22212: global name 'sender_email' is not defined

sender_email was used globally for self.email_addr, now tn.email2trac_notify_reporter is used.

This patch fixes the problem:

---	(revision 660)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -2486,7 +2486,7 @@
                 if self.email2trac_notify_reporter:
                     if not self.email2trac_notify_reporter in torcpts:
-                        torcpts.append(sender_email)
+                        torcpts.append(self.email2trac_notify_reporter)
                 if self.email2trac_replyto:
                     # use to rewrite reply to
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