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#220 fixed Having Issue in the installation procedure for fetchmail bas velappanv@…

Hi bas,

I have been installed this plugin in /usr/local/bin, also modified the email2trac.conf with required values.

When I tested the with email2trac --project projectname > msg.txt.

Its getting hanged.

I have enclosed the conf file and .fecthmail.rc for your reference.

Please let me know Where I am going wrong here.



project: /opt/tracprojects/projectname

debug: 0

umask: 022

spam_level: 2

reply_all : 0

mailto_link: 0

umask: 022

email_header: 0

trac_version: 0.11

enable_syslog : 1

alternate_notify_template :

alternate_notify_template_update :

drop_spam : 0

verbatim_format: 1

strip_signature: 0

email_quote: >

strip_quotes: 0

ignore_trac_user_settings: 0

black_list: MAILER-DAEMON@

drop_alternative_html_version: 1




tmpdir: /tmp


  ''' '''server''''''
    proto POP3
    pass password
    mda "/usr/bin/email2trac --project Projectname

Thanks for your reply in advance.



#444 worksforme having problem in installing email2trac on Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS bas vinod27

I was trying to install email2trac on my Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS os but i am unable to complete documentations to setup and work with it.

#79 fixed Having some issues getting multiple projects to work bas gmcgrath@…

I've recently updated to the trunk version of email2trac (to get the auto reactivation of tickets feature) and I can't seem to make multiple project handing work correctly. The default / CSBMBPortal listing works perfect, I have 2 emails in the alias file forwarding to that project but the PNIInteral project seems to be ignoring it's emails entirely. If I muck with the aliases to send to an incorrect project name email2trac correctly bounces it back to the sender with a listing of the correct project names. Any ideas?

Relevant alias entries:

csbmb-help: "|/usr/local/email2trac/bin/email2trac --project=CSBMBPortal"

tesla-help: "|/usr/local/email2trac/bin/email2trac --project=CSBMBPortal --component=Tesla"

mri-cert: "|/usr/local/email2trac/bin/email2trac --project=PNIInternal --component=MRI"



project: /usr/csbmb/trac-env/port/

debug: 2

umask: 002

spam_level: 0

reply_all : 1

mailto_link: 0

umask: 022

email_comment: >

email_header: 1

trac_version: 0.10

enable_syslog : 1

alternate_notify_template :

drop_spam : 0

ticket_update: 1


project: /usr/csbmb/trac-env/port/

reply_all: 1

spam_level: 0

umask: 002


project: /usr/csbmb/trac-env/Internal/

reply_all: 1

spam_level: 0

umask: 002

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