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#152 fixed HTML-mails content not stored in description of ticket anonymous hju@…

We encountered a new problem with html-mails. The mail-content is not transfered in the ticket description. (It is a new installed version of email2trac under windows...)

No problems till now with html-mails under the old installation (0.3)

Example: Looks like ticket #135

Any idea?

#154 fixed [Patch] strip_signature and strip_quotes more effective bas hju@…

Both options had no effekt in our environment (trac 0.11, email2trac 0.30)

Signatures where not effected at all.

If you use the "reply" option with setting "Text der ursprünglichen Nachricht beifügen" in outlook (don't know the english version of this outlook option), mails are getting longer and longer making the comments very difficult to read.

The attached patch solves this for me.

#176 worksforme Reporter receives no more notification after update bas hju@…

After successfully updating email2trac to version 1.0.0 we face a very odd behaviour.

The notification (we use alternate_notify_template - works as designed) is sent to the owner of the ticket (identified via componend) and the smtp_always_bcc adresses , but not to the reporter (who sent the mail).

There was nothing changed in the configuration (always_notify_reporter=true), the reporter_states = new,closed,reopened (from FlexibleReporterNotificationPlugin) are even unchanged.

If you later close the ticket, the reporter receives a mail as expected...

Are there any known issues on this?

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