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#259 invalid Help getting Email2Trac to send HTML emails. bas kofal002@…

I have performed a slight modification to Trac's source to send HTML notification emails. Really, I just added this line:

headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/html; charset=utf-8'

to NotifyEmail's send() function in trac\ and it works fine. Whenever I respond to a ticket via Trac's webUI, Trac's notification email is sent using my custom templates\ticket_notify_email.txt, and the content-type is correctly flagged as HTML.

It would appear that Email2Trac uses the same code paths to send email:

def notify(self, tkt, new=True, modtime=0):
    tn = TicketNotifyEmail(self.env)
    tn.notify(tkt, new, modtime)

However, despite my best efforts to figure out why, Email2Trac-triggered emails are sent text/plain content-type. This is bad, since it's using the same custom (HTML) email template, but sending as raw text, and the HTML will not render. I've been digging through the code in both Email2Trac and in Trac's source, and I cannot find why this is the case.

This may not be in Email2Trac's main feature set, but I was hoping you could lend some insight on how to do this.

#308 fixed Problems with run_email2trac and no logging possible bas kmartinka@…


I'm trying to figure out how to configure email2trac with fetchmail, but I'm unable to get it working if the .fetchmailrc is set to : mda "/usr/local/bin/run_email2trac"

but it works, if I have set the following line : mda "/usr/local/bin/email2trac"

Unfortunately it imports all emails in to TRAC :(, even from unathorised users or previously deleted users (removed from permissions, but it seems, that since they are still in DB the email2trac resolves it)

  • The trac2email.conf in /usr/local/etc has following options enabled and set:
    log_file : /home/trac/email2trac.log
    log_level : DEBUG
    log_type : FILE
    ignore_trac_user_settings: 0
    ticket_permission_system: 1

It does not log(!) and it does ignore any permissions in TRAC.. It imports every email and it does not create the log file.

The fetchmail is being run under the account which has the permissions to the home directory.. (trac)

Please help me with the three installation issues :

  1. email2trac works, while run_email2trac does not (maybe explain the difference, please
  2. logging is not working
  3. permissions are not working

(Trac version 0.12.2)


#255 fixed suggestion for change to Email2tracConfiguration bas kgeter@…


I love your product, it is a vital part of our workflow. We upgraded a few weeks ago, but only recently noticed that tickets were not being reopened when the reporter replied to the notification email on a closed ticket. Your documentation says to do this in email2trac.conf:

[project] # workflow_<ticket status>: <workflow name> workflow_closed: reopen

This makes it seem like you need to literally create a block called [project] (since there is such a thing in trac.ini) with workflow directive line, when in fact you only need to add the workflow directive line to the [DEFAULT] block. I would suggest changing your documentation to make this less confusing. I spent several frustrating hours trying to figure out why it wasn't working.


Ken Geter Academic Technologist / PhD student Iliff School of Theology Denver, CO, USA

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