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#230 fixed HTML-parts are attached as `None` instead of `untiteled-part.ext` bas hju@…

Since upgrade to email2trac 1.2.0 and trac 0.11.6 in 03/2010 (currently running email2trac 1.4.6), inline-parts of html-mails (like images/jpg or text/html) are attached as None. Anyway, images are included and shown "inline" in the Ticket-description as expected.

Obviously, part.get_filename() in def get_message_parts() returns 'None' instead of ''. So the code:

  if not filename:
    filename = 'untitled-part'

    # Guess the extension from the content type, use non strict mode
    # some additional non-standard but commonly used MIME types 
    # are also recognized
    ext = mimetypes.guess_extension(part.get_content_type(), False)
    if not ext:
      ext = '.bin'

    filename = '%s%s' % (filename, ext)

in def unique_attachment_names() has no longer effekt at all.

As I couldn't find get_filename(), I can't trace down to the source of the problem. Is it email2trac or perhaps an issue of our trac-update?

Sorry for reporting so late, but I have not investigatet this any further...

#242 fixed Identifying reporter sometime fails with bi-case email addresses bas dmcr@…

Hi Bas,

I had a reporter who updated a ticket he had created; and since email2trac did not recognize him as the reporter, it started a new ticket (while using ticket_permission_system = update_restricted_to_participants).

It turned out to be due to the reporter sometimes using a bi-case email address, and email2trac not always using the lower() method to standardize the addresses.

The attached patch fixes this case, and other similar ones.

Best regards,

Dennis McRitchie?

#58 fixed I don't understand how to configure ticket update bas zooko@…

Dear folks:

Thank you for creating email2trac! It is exactly what I want. Unfortunately I do not understand how to follow these directions in the "Configuration" page about configuring "ticket update". What purpose is served by the "email address where the ticket information will be sent to", which is "test@…" in your example. Should I put the same address as my bug-reports e-mail address in that field, or a different one, the way you did in your example. If a different one, then what program is going to handle messages sent to that address? Thank you!

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