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#223 fixed Incorrectly sets the number of comments bas stas.agarkov@…

email2trac incorrectly sets the number of comments, because it is based on a number of changes to the table ticket_change. trac uses the TicketModule?.grouped_changelog_entries, which returns a list of changes, in which simultaneous changes are grouped into one that is as it appears in the trac. Your code:

## How many changes has this ticket
cnum = len(tkt.get_changelog())

Right code:

# How many changes has this ticket
from trac.ticket.web_ui import TicketModule
grouped = TicketModule(self.env).grouped_changelog_entries(tkt, self.db)
cnum = sum(1 for e in grouped) + 1
#329 fixed initial import of threaded mbox to ticket, and subsequent upgrades bas pinto@…

Hi there, I'm in the initial stages of educating myself on what can be expected from email2trac.

I'd like to do a bulk import of the whole support mailbox, and have the tickets threads recognized and build from the threads in the mailbox, using this syntax:

email2trac < ~/mail/support

However the whole mailbox is being imported as a single new ticket, including the raw attachments.

Subsequently I'd like to run the same above command every couple of minutes (via a crontab), and have the utility update trac only with the new emails or replies.

However the whole mailbox is being imported as a single new ticket again.

Reflecting back, the suggested installation exercise kept creating a new ticket every time I ran it again, and that was completely unexpected.

email2trac < msg.txt

Am I expecting too much?

Thanks Jaime

#183 duplicate inline image attachments are not inline bas didley@…

I'm using email2trac 1.2.0 with Windows Server 2003 described on Email2trac on Windows.

All works fine. But if I send an e-mail as html and with pictures inline as described with

I opened this file in your app:
<my file>
and I got the following error dialog:

All attachments are at the end of the ticket description as list.

Am I using email2trac right?

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