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#186 fixed add optional cryptography related features bas…

parsing incoming emails for valid OpenPGP signatures from registered Trac users might help with spam on another level, other ideas may come to mind, thought of this just because there is WiP on AnnouncerPlugin for a generic interface to GnuPG that would help here too and would use exactly the complementary functions decrpt/verify instead of sign/encrypt for announcements

#187 fixed mailto_link bas shildebrand@…

Hey Bas, if the mailto_link is turned on, then the submitter still gets email alerts. Can you check that out?

#188 fixed Update ticket based on subject bas icon@…

I'm planning to use email2trac, but I have a small problem -- the email I need to use for requests is frequently CC'd by my clients as part of long conversation threads. As a result, a bunch of tickets are created that should really be updates to one ticket. Unfortunately, I can't really force them to set the #NNN for ticket number in the subject.

I was wondering if there is a possibility of an enhancement to update_ticket functionality: if there is a "Re:" in the subject and no ticket number, it would look at all tickets that are currently open and try to find a summary that matches the subject (with and without the "Re:"). If there is an open ticket with this match, it would update it instead of creating a new ticket.

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