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#115 fixed Imported tickets have resolution set to fixed even though status is new bas planktr@…

When email is imported, the tickets have resolution set to "fixed" even though status is "new". The resolution remains "fixed" unless the ticket is closed with a different resolution. I have set the following parameter in the email2trac.conf to try to force no value to be used for resolution but it did not work:

default_resolution :

#379 fixed Ignoring Attachments by Filename bas rschwartz@…

In our environment we had the need to block a specific attachment. I didn't see the ability to do it with existing config so I wrote a customization. Sending it along in case it might be useful to others.

Note that our environment is a bit older. As such this patch was taken against [615].

This adds a parameter to the config file. It is a comma-separated list of filenames to ignore. Could easily be converted to regex.

#58 fixed I don't understand how to configure ticket update bas zooko@…

Dear folks:

Thank you for creating email2trac! It is exactly what I want. Unfortunately I do not understand how to follow these directions in the "Configuration" page about configuring "ticket update". What purpose is served by the "email address where the ticket information will be sent to", which is "test@…" in your example. Should I put the same address as my bug-reports e-mail address in that field, or a different one, the way you did in your example. If a different one, then what program is going to handle messages sent to that address? Thank you!

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