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#142 fixed Some fields are no longer available using alternate_notify_template bas hju@…

In our old environment (email2trac 0.30 / trunk 218) we are using the alternate_notify_template to inform the reporter about acceptance of the ticket.

In the mail-body we use the following text (example):


your request was insertet as $ in our system.

Your request was:



Everything works fine!

Now we have established a new environment under windows with email2trac 0.80 and python 2.5.

Problem: The $ticket.description is displayed, but $ is empty. In the Mail-Header, the ID ist displayed!

Taking a close look shows: with the "old" email2trac, if a ticket was created there was "change-entry" for each ticket:

*id  set to 411

this is now missing.

Is it possible, that the ID is no longer known due to this missing "update"?

#149 fixed filenames of attachments are escaped twice by email2trac bas hju@…

If email2trac creats a ticket whith an attachment having a space in the filename, the filename is excaped twice.

example (see also attached screenshots): test 1.txt is named test%201.txt and stored as test%25201.txt bei email2trac.

if you add an attachment via webclient, the filename is only escaped once: test 2.txt is named test 2.txt and stored as test%202.txt

Also trac has no problem to find the file, we encountered this using a script (AdvancedTicketWorkflow? - run_external) to find the attachments with the filenames stored in the database. We had to work around this bei again escaping the filename stored in database.

It's not a serious bug while trac gets around it, but annoying and of course different from the "normal" trac behaviour.

#152 fixed HTML-mails content not stored in description of ticket anonymous hju@…

We encountered a new problem with html-mails. The mail-content is not transfered in the ticket description. (It is a new installed version of email2trac under windows...)

No problems till now with html-mails under the old installation (0.3)

Example: Looks like ticket #135

Any idea?

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