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#149 fixed filenames of attachments are escaped twice by email2trac bas hju@…

If email2trac creats a ticket whith an attachment having a space in the filename, the filename is excaped twice.

example (see also attached screenshots): test 1.txt is named test%201.txt and stored as test%25201.txt bei email2trac.

if you add an attachment via webclient, the filename is only escaped once: test 2.txt is named test 2.txt and stored as test%202.txt

Also trac has no problem to find the file, we encountered this using a script (AdvancedTicketWorkflow? - run_external) to find the attachments with the filenames stored in the database. We had to work around this bei again escaping the filename stored in database.

It's not a serious bug while trac gets around it, but annoying and of course different from the "normal" trac behaviour.

#148 wontfix Re: [Trac] Re: Installing mail2trac plugin bas snowychuu@…
yes the subject line remains intact and all that is changed is that it
RE: in front of it.  I see in your posts that it may need to configure
ticket number in front of the subject.  Is that configured on the
backend or
is that added manually by the requestor or replier?  It does not make
if the user need to manually input the ticket # in the subject.  I
don't want the ticket # to show up in the subject.  I just want
replies back
and forth and trac should still know that it is an update vs a new

Subject: #4: Bas --> will update ticket #4

The version of email2 trac was from Sept 13 2005.

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 11:06 AM, Bas van der Vlies <>

#147 wontfix Strip Domain Name bas David Kirk <davidrkirk@…>


I'm using Trac .11.5 internally and we are using Active Directory to authenticate. I can log in to Trac as david with my AD password.

When I send an email and email2trac picks it up, the Reporter is shown as "David Kirk" <david@…>.

Is there a way with email2trac or postfix to remove all the excess stuff and the domain name and just leave david as the Reporter?

I've been doing some searching, and found that if people go in to Preferences and set their email address that it should fix it, but a lot of our users just won't bother with that.

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