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#254 wontfix Option to restrict updates by reporter bas kofal002@…

This ticket is closely related to #253.

When using Email2Trac to handle incoming customer email, it would be nice to have the script only update tickets sent from the reporter. This option would obviously remove the capability for developers to update tickets via email (and thus this option should be disabled by default), but would be excellent for customer support, where the reporter is the only external client who should ever update a ticket.

Something like restrict_update_to_reporter. With the option enabled, if no tickets are found with the same subject/ticket# AND same reporter/sender, then create new ticket.

#190 fixed outstanding permissions issue with email2trac bas stroller

i'm using email2trac with postfix and as per the instructions on the wiki did not use run_email2trac - email2trac is invoked directly by an alias

everything is working except one issue. when i create a ticket from the web with an attachment the attachment dir is owned by www-data:www-data but when a ticket comes from postfix (via email2trac) its owned by nobody:www-data

i want to attach a file to this ticket from the web after the original ticket was created by email2trac but can't due to the permissions described above. i did set ui on the email2trac binary but this didn't help. i also set the sticky bit on the attachments dir but this didn't help either.

any advice would be much appreciated, thx

#227 fixed [patch] allow '_' in inline properties bas thomas.moschny@…

The subject already says it. Is there a reason to not allow some more characters, especially '_' for the name of inline properties? We have custom fields which contain them, and I want people to be able to set these fields via mail.

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