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#216 fixed disallow multiple assignment of the same inline property bas Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon@…>

(contd from #214)

Attached patch will only allow one assignment of the same inline property -- the first one. For example, take the following email using "outlook-style" quoting and top-posting:

I fixed your problem.

@status: closed
@resolution: fixed

From: Client
To: Developer
Sent: ...
Subject: Re: Please fix my problem

I will be fixing your problem shortly.

@status: accepted

Without the patch, the status will be set to "accepted" even though it's not the developer's intent. With this patch, the top-most assignment wins, and all further assignments are ignored.

#217 fixed Additional config option (`parentdir`) to avoid the need of sections for each project bas sto@…

I've patched email2trac to support an additional configuration option (parentdir) to avoid the need to edit the email2trac.conf for each project when using the ENV_PARENT_DIR option with tracd.

When parentdir is defined on the DEFAULT section the variable is used to build the project PATH when there is no section for the named project.

I'm using it to have email2trac configured for each new project without changing the mail system.

To avoid touching the postfix alias database I'm using addresses of the form trac+PROJECT@mail.domain (I have recipient_delimiter = + on the postfix file) and the alias file has an entry like the following:

trac: /usr/local/sbin/email2trac-alias

Where /usr/local/sbin/email2trac-alias is a script that does more or less the following:

if [ -f "$parentdir/$EXTENSION/conf/trac.ini" ]; then
  exec /usr/local/bin/run_email2trac --project="$EXTENSION"
exit 67 # Unknown user

I'm attaching my patch to this ticket.

#218 fixed Problem when multiple trac accounts match email address bas Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon@…>

I came across a problem when enabling "ticket_permission_system: trac". If there is more than one account that matches the same email address (e.g. for me it was both "konstantin" and "tracadmin" accounts), then the user lookup fails and email2trac treats emails from me as coming from a non-trac user. This tweak fixes the problem.

  • (a) vs. (b) -

    a b  
    339339                users = [ (u,n,e) for (u, n, e) in self.env.get_known_users(self.db)
    340340                        if e and (e.lower() == self.email_addr.lower()) ]
    342                 if len(users) == 1:
     342                if len(users) >= 1:
    343343                        self.email_from = users[0][0]
    344344               = users[0][0]
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