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#48 fixed Patch for email2trac bas Christian Iversen <ci@…>
Hello email2trac-devs

It seems that email2trac is platform-agnostic, and certainly not
to i386. I therefore propose the following patch:

Index: debian/control
--- debian/control      (revision 196)
+++ debian/control      (working copy)
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@

  Package: email2trac
  Section: misc
-Architecture: i386
+Architecture: all
  Maintainer: Bas van der Vlies <>
  Depends: ${slibs:Depends}, python, cdbs, trac
  Description: Converts email to a trac ticket

#236 fixed Patch for ticket update bug, and some other minor enhancements bas dmcr@…

Hi Bas,

The attached patch fixes a bug when updating a ticket, in the case where the user submitting the update has Trac permission TICKET_MODIFY, but not TICKET_APPEND or TICKET_CHGPROP. This causes the ticket update to fail.

Since Trac documentation states that TICKET_MODIFY includes TICKET_APPEND and TICKET_CHGPROP permissions, I changed email2trac to check for TICKET_MODIFY whenever it checks for one of the other two permissions.

I also matched Trac behavior with respect to logging, so that when logging to file or stderr without an explicit log_format, a timestamp precedes the log message.

And I changed the log line that reports the subject of the email from 'debug' to 'info' so that in the case of success, there would be at least one line in the log file to indicate that email2trac processed that email.

Hope this helps.

Dennis McRitchie?

#287 fixed Patch: Improve TracFullBlogPlugin support bas thomas.moschny@…
This is a follow-up for #235, and possibly a fix for the remaining
issues in #175.

The attached patch contains the following enhancements and fixes:

 - Tries to use the 'Date:' email header to set the date of the blog
   post or comment.

 - Allows overriding author and categories via subject parameters or
   inline properties (see below).

 - Does not add the 'blog_' prefix to the default (short-) name of a
   blog entry anymore, as it would be rather redundant.

 - Allows selecting a custom short name for the blog entry instead of
   a default date-based short name. The custom short name may not
   contain spaces. (Note that the TracFullBlogPlugin imposes
   additional rules for valid short names.)

 - Bugfix: Fixes crash wile processing mails with attachments (#175).

 - Properly adds attachments to blog entries (#175).

Examples (to be put in the Email2tracParse wiki page):

 - `Subject: blog: Bas`

   Will create a new blog entry, with its short name derived from the
   email's date, and title 'Bas'.

 - `Subject: blog?categories=foo,bar&author=joe: Bas`

   Will create a new blog entry and set categories to 'foo' and 'bar',
   and author to 'joe'. Categories can be separated by comma,
   semicolon or space, and they cannot contain ampersand or colon.

 - `Subject: blog:test Bas`

   Will create a new blog entry with name 'test' ''or'' add a comment
   to that blog entry if it already exists.

   Note that the subject of the email is not preserved when a comment
   is added to a blog entry.

 - `Subject: blog?update=1:test Bas`

   Will create or update the blog entry with name 'test' (instead of
   adding a comment). The value of the `update` parameter doesn't
   matter, it can be set to any non-empty string.

If `inline_properties` are enabled, `@categories` , `@author` and
`@update` can be used in the mail body. Inline properties take
precedence over parameters given in the 'Subject:' header.

- Thomas


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