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#285 fixed Old Debian bugs bas debacle@…

after a long time of inactivity on the Debian package for
email2trac, I'm planning now an upload of the current version
2.4.5. There are two bugs open, which I have patched on my
production server, but I was never confident, that my patches
are correct, nor do I know whether they are necessary for the
current version. Could you maybe take a look at them?

 1. Error on wrongly encoded e-mail
 2. Support for X-Spam-Flag/-Result

Thanks in advance!

#286 fixed email2trac site and repository unavailable? bas thomas.moschny@…

what happened to the email2trac site? Seems it is currently
unavailable. Hopefully the project is still alive?

#287 fixed Patch: Improve TracFullBlogPlugin support bas thomas.moschny@…
This is a follow-up for #235, and possibly a fix for the remaining
issues in #175.

The attached patch contains the following enhancements and fixes:

 - Tries to use the 'Date:' email header to set the date of the blog
   post or comment.

 - Allows overriding author and categories via subject parameters or
   inline properties (see below).

 - Does not add the 'blog_' prefix to the default (short-) name of a
   blog entry anymore, as it would be rather redundant.

 - Allows selecting a custom short name for the blog entry instead of
   a default date-based short name. The custom short name may not
   contain spaces. (Note that the TracFullBlogPlugin imposes
   additional rules for valid short names.)

 - Bugfix: Fixes crash wile processing mails with attachments (#175).

 - Properly adds attachments to blog entries (#175).

Examples (to be put in the Email2tracParse wiki page):

 - `Subject: blog: Bas`

   Will create a new blog entry, with its short name derived from the
   email's date, and title 'Bas'.

 - `Subject: blog?categories=foo,bar&author=joe: Bas`

   Will create a new blog entry and set categories to 'foo' and 'bar',
   and author to 'joe'. Categories can be separated by comma,
   semicolon or space, and they cannot contain ampersand or colon.

 - `Subject: blog:test Bas`

   Will create a new blog entry with name 'test' ''or'' add a comment
   to that blog entry if it already exists.

   Note that the subject of the email is not preserved when a comment
   is added to a blog entry.

 - `Subject: blog?update=1:test Bas`

   Will create or update the blog entry with name 'test' (instead of
   adding a comment). The value of the `update` parameter doesn't
   matter, it can be set to any non-empty string.

If `inline_properties` are enabled, `@categories` , `@author` and
`@update` can be used in the mail body. Inline properties take
precedence over parameters given in the 'Subject:' header.

- Thomas


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