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#248 fixed setting ticket_update_by_subject to 1 makes email2trac crash bas naumann@…

After enabling ticket_update_by_subject email2trac crashes. I attach the output of the log file after setting debug to 1

#249 fixed @CC: field is ignored upon ticket creation bas naumann@…

If I add the @CC: field to an email which will create a new ticket, the CC field will not be set. Ín contrast to the owner field for example.

I the Webgui this works perfect and the Mail of the new ticket creation will be already sent to the CC email.

#250 fixed Support for trac version 0.13 bas simeonov@…

I was trying to setup email2trac with our new trac installation (latest development version), and new tickets were not created for the emails. Then I realized that email2trac was reporting in the syslog that trac version 0.13 is not supported. With a small patch to /usr/bin/email2trac to ignore this, now my tickets are being created (attachments are working too). Are there any reasons (known problems) for not "officially" supporting trac 0.13?

-- Alexander

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