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#252 fixed Option to automatically add reporter to ticket cc field bas kofal002@…


We're using a Trac instance for both internal and customer-facing ticket reports, and want to be able to reply to tickets to send a customer (the reporter on an auto-generated ticket). However, we don't want to use the always_notify_reporter option in Trac, to avoid mailing developers about normal tickets.

Thus, we need a way to mail a reporter about Email2Trac tickets only. I believe the easiest way to do this would be to set a cc field on ticket creation with the email of the reporter. However, to my knowledge a default_cc field in email2trac.conf would not accept a reporter variable.

Could there be an option to automatically add the reporter (which, with email2trac, will always be an email address) to the CC field of any new tickets?

#253 fixed Script easily confused by duplicate subject lines bas kofal002@…

As mentioned in #252, we're using this script to handle incoming customer email. In this use case, it is possible to confuse the script simply by having two tickets named the same (or, with Email2Trac, two emails with the same subject line).

To reproduce:

  • Obtain two email accounts, accountA and accountB.
  • From both accounts send an email with the same subject line.
  • Email2Trac will create two tickets.
  • Use both accounts to reply to their own email.
  • Email2Trac will place both replies on accountB's ticket (whichever has the higher ticket number).

Expected behavior:

  • I would expect accountA's reply to go to accountA's ticket instead.
  • If no ticket number is found in subject line and multiple tickets match the subject line, Email2Trac should prioritize tickets that have reporter equal to the email sender.
#254 wontfix Option to restrict updates by reporter bas kofal002@…

This ticket is closely related to #253.

When using Email2Trac to handle incoming customer email, it would be nice to have the script only update tickets sent from the reporter. This option would obviously remove the capability for developers to update tickets via email (and thus this option should be disabled by default), but would be excellent for customer support, where the reporter is the only external client who should ever update a ticket.

Something like restrict_update_to_reporter. With the option enabled, if no tickets are found with the same subject/ticket# AND same reporter/sender, then create new ticket.

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