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#324 fixed set_cc_fields ignoring existing cc on update bas tboudreau@…

with reply_all to 1 in the .conf ticket # has cc A response goes in with cc B expected: cc has A & B result cc only with B

Also always_cc and always_bcc addresses should be skipped from being added to the cc field.

#325 fixed strip_quotes is noisy, breaks runs_email2trac bas tboudreau@…

when the .conf contains "strip_quotes: 1" email2trac emits the matched lines. run_email2trac gets upset.

The match lines should be going to the debug log. Like they do in the strip_signature method.

#326 fixed Automatically reopened a ticket closed bas ivanelsonnunes@…

The email2trac automatically reopened a ticket now closed. How to avoid this behavior?

project: /var/trac/projects/banana
debug: 1
black_list: MAILER-DAEMON@
drop_spam : 1
drop_alternative_html_version: 1
email_quote: >
ignore_trac_user_settings: 0
inline_properties: 1
reply_all : 0
spam_level: 5
strip_quotes: 1
strip_signature: 1
ticket_update: 1
ticket_update_by_subject: 1
ticket_update_by_subject_lookback: 30
umask: 022
verbatim_format: 1
log_type: file
log_file: /var/tmp/email2trac.log
mta_user: nobody
DEFAULT_keywords  : ServiceDesk
DEFAULT_component : TRAC
DEFAULT_priority  : Alta
DEFAULT_severity  : Normal
DEFAULT_type      : Triagem
DEFAULT_parents   : 0

project: /var/trac/projects/banana
cla_keywords  : ServiceDesk
cla_component : TRAC
cla_priority  : Alta
cla_severity  : Normal
cla_type      : Triagem
cla_parents   : 0

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