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#235 fixed email2trac + TracFullBlog plugin bas slevin@…

Trac v.0.12.2 TracFullBlog? plugin installed email2trac v.1.6.0

Try to post message into blog Support trac. Create message to trac's email address. Subject: blog:support

Unsuccess. Message was moved into .maildir/new. Ok Editing message again, change Subject field to blog: support Success!

So, I don't know how to:

  1. remove keyword blog from post title ? Parser don't remove "blog" from title :(
  2. Set the "author" field ?
  3. Set the "categories" field?

I was make many tests message (30+) with different subject. And deside to try latest stable version email2trac - 2.0.2. I'm use config file from previos version. And do test again. As result:

  • that version can't understand subject like blog: support and blog:support. I'm receive only new tickets in both cases.

Ok, turn debug on and what we're can see - parser find @keywords and generate the new tickets :(

Please help!

Can you add changes for editing in blog fields: author and categories? What wrong I do?

O'course if it would be need - I can upload configs and get more info to you.

#236 fixed Patch for ticket update bug, and some other minor enhancements bas dmcr@…

Hi Bas,

The attached patch fixes a bug when updating a ticket, in the case where the user submitting the update has Trac permission TICKET_MODIFY, but not TICKET_APPEND or TICKET_CHGPROP. This causes the ticket update to fail.

Since Trac documentation states that TICKET_MODIFY includes TICKET_APPEND and TICKET_CHGPROP permissions, I changed email2trac to check for TICKET_MODIFY whenever it checks for one of the other two permissions.

I also matched Trac behavior with respect to logging, so that when logging to file or stderr without an explicit log_format, a timestamp precedes the log message.

And I changed the log line that reports the subject of the email from 'debug' to 'info' so that in the case of success, there would be at least one line in the log file to indicate that email2trac processed that email.

Hope this helps.

Dennis McRitchie?

#238 fixed add optional filtering for ticket creation bas lquentin@…

Add a filtering option to prevent anyone from adding new tickets via email2trac, without using trac permissions. In my case, to prevent users from sending a new ticket by email if mistaking on the email address. I wrote a dirty fix for that, using an additional configuration file, in which the email addresses of the allowed creators are comma-separated. The patch is attached here.

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