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#404 fixed Missing attachments bas magda@…

I am trying to set up email2trac in our multi-project trac environment by piping incoming mails through a php script which then calls email2trac with the correct project id. The only problem: email attachments are not being attached to tickets. Adding an attachments to a ticket manually works. Executing email2trac with debug option reveals that attachments of mails are being parsed and created in the tmp folder.

Last log entry lines:

2016-11-17 13:17:33,867 email2trac 182: writing body to /tmp/182xZk6af.email2trac.body

2016-11-17 13:17:33,867 email2trac 182: function debug_attachments

2016-11-17 13:17:33,867 email2trac 182:          part0: Content-Type: application/pdf

2016-11-17 13:17:33,867 email2trac 182: writing /tmp/182xZk6af.email2trac.part1.pdf: filename: st-oktober.pdf

The file exists and is readable by the apache user (which is executing the email2trac command)

But the ticket itself has no attachment and the link in the description points to an invalid/missing attachments. Looking at the projects db, the attachment table doesn't contain an entry for the attachment.

Any ideas/suggestions where or what the problem might be?

#413 fixed Support for Trac version 1.2 bas sbroadhead@…

Recently upgraded our Trac system to version 1.2 and broke our email2trac functionality. Am seeing the following in our syslog:

"Mar 13 14:44:08 <tracserver> email2trac <trac_proj>: TRAC version 1.2 is not supported"

<tracserver> and <trac_proj> replacements for specific values.

Will Trac 1.2 be supported soon?

Also... upgraded to email2trac version 2.10

#447 fixed Installation / Setup issue with Ubuntu 20.04 / Trac 1.2.5 / Fetchmail bas anonymous


I have problems installing email2trac with fetchmail and I hope you can help me. We are running a Trac 1.2.5 environment on Apache on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine and I would like to use email2trac on it.

So first, I downloaded the latest version of email2trac from here, extracted it and installed/compiled with the following command:

./configure --with-mta_user=fetchmail --with-trac_user=www-data --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
make install

So I have both "email2trac" and "run_email2trac" in /usr/bin

My /etc/email2trac.conf looks like this:

project: /var/lib/trac/testproject
debug: 0
black_list: MAILER-DAEMON@
drop_spam : 1
drop_alternative_html_version: 1
email_quote: >
ignore_trac_user_settings: 0
inline_properties: 1
reply_all : 0
spam_level: 5
strip_quotes: 0
strip_signature: 0
ticket_update: 1
ticket_update_by_subject: 1
umask: 022
verbatim_format: 1

project: /var/lib/trac/testproject
spam_level: 1

Afterwards, I installed fetchmail to grab the emails from our server and "move" them to Trac. I did "chmod 600 /etc/fetchmailrc" and "chown fetchmail /etc/fetchmailrc"

My /etc/fetchmailrc looks like this:

set daemon      30
poll  with proto IMAP
user '' there with password 'password' is 'www-data' here ssl
mda "/usr/bin/run_email2trac"

In Syslog, I can see the following log - sorry it's in German, but it's basically saying:

  • It found 5 messages (4 of them already seen)
  • run_email2trac[6279]: initgroups failed
  • Error while writing the message text
  • MDA error when fetching date from address@…
  • Query status=6 (IOERR)
Feb 15 14:27:54 andreas-VirtualBox fetchmail[6180]: 5 Nachrichten (4 gesehene) für bei
Feb 15 14:27:54 andreas-VirtualBox run_email2trac[6279]: initgroups failed
Feb 15 14:27:54 andreas-VirtualBox fetchmail[6180]: Nachricht von 5 wird gelesen (9570 Bytes im Nachrichtenkopf) (10140 Bytes im Nachrichtenkörper) (Log-Meldung unvollständig)
Feb 15 14:27:54 andreas-VirtualBox fetchmail[6180]: Fehler beim Schreiben des Nachrichtentextes
Feb 15 14:27:54 andreas-VirtualBox fetchmail[6180]: MDA-Fehler beim Abholen von
Feb 15 14:27:54 andreas-VirtualBox fetchmail[6180]: Abfragestatus=6 (IOERR)

Did I miss something during installation / configuration progress? Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong? I'm thankful for every hint!

Thank you!

Best regards, Andreas

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